Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pendant of the Day - By Alisa Paints

From the original watercolor paintings "Shine".

Our Pendant of the day comes to us from Alisa Paints. The pendant is handmade from her original watercolor paintings "Shine". The original painting was scanned, sized down to one inch square(25mm) and then printed out. The image was then glazed onto a glass tile and framed up sweetly in an Antiqued Copper Pendant.

Ive chosen this pendant as the Pendant of the Day because of the image itself. It takes me back to my childhood in Arizona, back to memories of empty fields and endless blue, starry skies. Back to a time and a place where things were alot simpler, when family was close and the future was filled with possibilities.

I love the fact that it is made in an antique copper finish rather than in the more common silver tones. The colors add to the pendant's charm and work great with the image itself.

A picture of an Arizona sky!

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