Monday, January 17, 2011

Pendant of the Day - by Picobaby

In the spirit of up-cycling and re-cycling we bring you our favorite Picobaby Robot Pendant. Based out of Hong Kong,  the concept of Picobaby is to turn waste into lovely and exceptional pendants by making use of different components from disposed computers as materials. For example, IC socket, capacitor and resistor. The assembly of electronic components with screws and crafted metal helps create the details of the Picobaby.

Every Picobaby is a hand-made tiny robot only 1 to 2 inches tall. Picobaby carries lots and lots of mini robot pendants each unique, each handmade and each a tiny work of art. I love these guys and have never seen anything like them, many similar but not as cute and as unique as these.

What does a Picobaby want to be when it grows up?
What else? A Transformer!

The best Pendant Makers use the best Cords!

necklace cords 

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