Monday, April 11, 2011

Pendant of the Day by Steam Punk Funk

Our pendant of the day comes to us from steampunkfunk

This pendant caught my eye the moment I first saw it. There is something different about this pendant that really speaks to me. Ive seen many "steampunk" pendants but most are "shiny" and new, this one on the other hand looks, tired and worn even a bit fragile, as if it has survived a beating without losing any of its charm. For me it illustrates Hope; the hope of something new and wonderful rising up from a tired, worn and tattered life. It illustrates the hope of a new beginning. 

We invite you to visit Steam Punk Funk where you will find many pieces made in this style.

Our interview with Steam Punk Funk:

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Angie Lawlar owner and creator of Steampunk Funk. I am 30 years old and currently living in Juneau, Alaska with my very supportive husband, our three kids and our loyal canine family member, Reuben. I love to get outdoors and hike, sit on the beach watching whales, go bike riding... anything that has us outside is a good thing to me.

I really began to enjoy making things when I started middle school and took my first art class. Before that point it was pretty limited to crayons and coloring books. It was a love affair from then on out.

1.How long have you been making handmade pendants?
I have been making handmade pendants for about 2 years now.

Spanish Jeweler's Tin Necklace Antique2.Where do you get your ideas for these pendants or what inspires you to create them?
I'm inspired by nature, you have to be in order to live where I do...Juneau, Alaska. I'm also inspired by other peoples work as well, there are many talented artists on Etsy. Last but not least I am always inspired by tossed aside junk, I love salvaged items. I get my ideas for my pendants mostly in the middle of the night. It's as if my brain refuses to turn off for the evening. I have a friend who made the suggestion that I keep a notepad by my bedside and jot my ideas down when I think of them. I think I will have to give that a try.

Time Key Antique Necklace3.What is involved in making this type of pendant?
For this pendant Spring Hearts Soar, I used scrap metals, old watch gears, texturing hammers, and of course my good old jewelers saw. I first draw out the sparrow design on my scraps of sheet metal, then I cut it out, texture it and oxidize if I happen to use liver of sulfur...this particular piece does not have any oxidation on it because it was already pretty aged from being a scrap. I attach old watch parts using a riveting technique with thick gauge copper wire. Then I cut out a little sterling silver heart, hammered it and attached it with riveting as well. Then I finish with buffing or polishing it up. After all of this I make a chain for him and am done. This entire process usually takes about 2 hours if I have my plan all mapped out.

4.Have your pendants been featured in any publication or are they on display/for sale in any gallery?
My work can be found in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho at Tiffany Blues House of Style and in Spokane, Washington at Lolo's Boutique.

5.Can our readers find you at any upcoming Craft Show or other local venue?
I would be in local craft shows here and around South East Alaska this summer but I'll be in a rural part of China for a few weeks to help out in medical clinics and local schools instead.

6.Which is your personal favorite pendant and why?
My favorite pendant is Found Object No. 5. I just love this piece, I like the little twinkling sounds it makes when you walk and the industrial vibe it gives off.

7. Tell us about your best seller.
My best seller would be any of the sparrow pendants. They seem to do the best in the necklace department.

8.Do you offer custom work?
I do in fact make custom orders. If you have an idea or specific piece you want made I would be happy to help you create it. I'm currently working with a lot of high school girls that want custom pieces made for prom.

9. What is your studio or workspace like?
My workspace, where to begin...well my studio (i.e. garage) has be be re organized every other day because with all the watch parts and scraps laying around it can get cluttered very quickly and I LOATHE clutter. Any shop or studio with an anvil in it will never be a quiet space. My husband was worried about my hearing and gave me some huge noise reducing headphones. It was so quiet it kind of freaked me out so I plugged into my ipod, put the noise reducing headphones over the ipod earbuds and got lost in my own little world.

Embattled Sparrow Antique Watch Part Necklace
10. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
In 5 years I hope Steampunk Funk is still up and running on Etsy, and that my work continues to spread to different boutiques.

You can read more about my work and life here in Juneau at I also post new and upcoming work that has not yet made it to Etsy.
Salvaged metal and watch part necklaceWind in your wings bird necklace
I love coupons and hope everyone else does as well. So one that I have open ended is SPFFRIENDS on Etsy. This code will give you 10 % off your entire purchase at Steampunk Funk.

One thing on my wish list or bucket list is one day I want to fly across the U.S. on the night of July 4th. I would love to see all those fireworks from above.

Thank you Angie for sharing a bit about yourself and for allowing us to share in the beautiful mini-works of art that you've created!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pendant of the Day - by Global Orphan Project

Our pendant of the day comes to us from the Global Orphan Project. This lovely handmade glass tile pendant has been created in efforts to help raise funds for many, many needy orphans. Money raised will go directly to the kids via the Global Orphan Projcet, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. For this reason, we have selected this pendant as our Pendant of the Day!

How will you celebrate Mother's Day today?

For most of us, mother's day is a day to remember that special woman who has been the center of our lives, tought us, cared for us and loved us. Most of us have been blessed with someone who fulfills one of our basic human needs; the need to be loved.

But there are thousands of children for whom this basic need is a daily challenge, many children who for various reasons find themselves alone in this world. For these orphans Mother's Day is a day when they are reminded of their unfortunate situation. Luckily there are many people willing to step in and care for these kids. Will you be one of these people today?

 Photo of GO Mother's Day Pendant, a handmade glass tile necklace featuring a pastel colored flower. The necklace is on a light blue organza strap with clasp.
The Global Orphan Project, Inc. (‘GO Project’ or ‘GO’) is a global orphan care ministry headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. GO Project mobilizes local churches in some of the poorest areas on earth to care for the neediest orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities; children of last resort with no viable means of care. A vibrant, viral network of global givers fuels the growth of this grassroots movement for orphans.

A fellow Etsy member has teamed up with the Global Orphan Project in their fundraising efforts. Together they have created a lovely pendant, a perfect gift for Mom, Grandma or any special woman who has offered you motherly love or advise. We encourage you to help by purchasing a handmade glass tile pendant which by the way has been designed by 13-year-old Viola for her House Mama, Islande.


GO Project is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to GO Project are tax deductible. Merchandise sales help us with the behind-the-scenes operations of The Global Orphan Project. Your purchase will help us continue to ensure 100% of your donations goes to the kids

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