Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pendant of the Day - By Steven Rolfkroeger

"Nood" pendant by Steven Rolfkroeger

Our Pendant of the Day comes to us from Steven Rolfkroeger. Using reclaimed, left over, cast offs, recycled, salvaged, found or abandoned metals, Steven creates these one of a kind "Noods".  I love this pendant. I chose this "nood" as our pendant of the day for many reasons. First of all, I have never seen anything like it and belive me, in my business, Ive seen thousands. Secondly, it is cute, funny and different. But most of all it does its part to help the environment!

Here's a little hint; if you look closely, you can tell this Nood is a "she" and if you visit Steven's shop you'll find her girlfriends hanging around.

Just for fun:
Q. Is macaroni a noodle?
A. Yes, it is a noodle. In Italy, maccherone just means an extended, hollow, dry, eggless, machine-made pasta. For example, penne is a type of maccherone. In the US and England it refers more to the shape of the pasta; i.e. small pasta tubes.
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