Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pendant of the Day - By Snoozes

"Fawn" by Snoozes on Etsy

Our Pendan of the day comes to us from Snoozes. Finding a safe place to sleep the fawn lays down and takes a nap. The fawn is sculpted out of terra cotta clay, fired and then hand glazed for detail and fired again.
He's around 1 inch.

I love this piece. It is both cute and striking at the same time. It gives me an instant peaceful and calm feeling. You'll find lots of other sleepy critters in Snoozes shop. This one caught me eye because it reminds me of a tranquil sleeping child.

Deer sleep in beds of vegetation that they press down with their bodies they don't like to be seen so they make their beds in deep cover and as many a hunter can tell you they will stay in their beds even when approched by a predator or a human they lie really still and will only bolt at the last moment scaring a suprised hunter.

Deer are most active at night. Deer find security at night, when most predators, including humans, are asleep. The deer's cautious nature is apparent when considering deer never sleep in the same bed twice, deterring predators from catching a deer's scent and awaiting for the deer the next night. Deer do not sleep for long periods of time. Rather, they are always alert of their surroundings. ~

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  1. I like this little guy. The detail work looks nice.


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