Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pendant of the Day - by Nix Creations

Tropical Plumeria Flower Bead Perfume Pendant

Our Pendant of the day comes to us from Nix Creations. What is a perfume pendant? It is a pendant that defuses perfume while your wear it. Simply put a drop of your favorite perfume in the middle of the flower. The oils will cling to the clay petals and will emit scent, longer than wearing it on your skin.

The pendant itself is georgeous. The colors combine together so well. The pendant looks fun and elegant and it turns out it is functional as well! I like the idea of being able to infuse it with my favorite perfume. The wire wrapping is even, smooth and makes the pendant an elegant piece. The heart shape makes a good Valentine's gift. (hint, hint hubby...)

Plumeria Flower Meaning

One look at the flower and you will know what can be the most significant meaning of plumeria flower. Yes, it is beauty, charm and grace. Plumeria flowers with their beautiful colors and fragrance symbolize natural beauty. Secondly, plumeria flowers represent spring and new life. They are also associated with beginning or birth of something. Plumeria flowers have a special meaning in the Hawaiian culture as it symbolized everything good in it. The plumeria flower also stands for paragon or flawlessness. The following are the other plumeria flower meanings:
  • The plumeria stands for both, creation and recreation.
  • According to Chinese culture, a plumeria flower symbolizes love and portrayal of one's feelings.
  • According to the Vietnamese culture, a plumeria flowers represent status.
  • Dedication and devotion are the qualities represented by plumeria flowers according to the Hindu culture.
  • The Mayans considered plumeria flowers to be associated with life and birth of human beings.
  • One of the the meaning of the plumeria flower is aloha which is used as a form of greeting.

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